12 February 2019

Have you used the new Strata Mediation Digital Portal?

In October 2018, NSW Fair Trading launched the Strata Mediation Digital Portal, which makes it easier for strata managers to resolves disputes quickly and easily.

This free service is available to anyone who lives in, owns or works in the strata sector or in a community scheme and can assist in many of the most common strata disputes including:

  • Keeping pets
  • Repairs and maintenance of common property
  • Car parking
  • The use of common property

Moving towards mediation

The strata mediation service, including the Strata Mediation Digital Portal, is designed to support you if a disagreement arises in the strata scheme you manage. 

If the dispute cannot be resolved by the owners corporation, an impartial mediator can help parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement by guiding them through an informal dispute resolution process.

The strata mediation portal is easy to use and efficient. It is basically just entering the same information previously put onto the application form and, upon completion, you receive confirmation and a reference number. – Sarah Smith, Licensed Strata Manager at Strata Central

Going digital

Using the Strata Mediation Digital Portal means you no longer need to provide paper forms. 

To apply for strata and community scheme mediation, you apply online directly to NSW Fair Trading through a secure portal. The application process takes up to 15 minutes to complete and you will receive an email copy of your application once submitted.

Top tip

You cannot save your progress as you complete the form, so be sure to have all the information on hand before you start, including:

  • Contact details of the person you are in dispute with
  • The strata plan number
  • Supporting documents

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