14 January 2019

Auctioneer Chapter Committee delivers Auctioneers’ Online CPD course

Throughout 2017 and 2018, the REINSW Auctioneer Chapter Committee developed and delivered a series of webinars. 

Presented by experienced auctioneers, including Jesse Davidson, Damien Cooley, Clarence White, Briannan Davis, James Pratt and Mark Morrison, the webinars addressed various issues ranging from awkward auction activities and auction floor conversations to the benefits of selling at auction and auction processes and legalities.

Building on the success of the webinars, REINSW in conjunction with the Auctioneer Chapter Committee released an online CPD course specifically for auctioneers.

"Like any profession, auctioneering is specialised," says Jesse Davidson, Director and Chief Auctioneer at auctionworks and Chairperson of REINSW's Auctioneers Chapter Committee.

"It is imperative in this transitioning market that auctioneers ensure they have the skills required to get the best results for their vendors."

REINSW webinars prove popular among auctioneers

In 2018, over 300 people registered for webinars presented by the Auctioneer Chapter Committee. The retention rates for each webinar were all over 98 per cent, with a combined average of 99.5 per cent. 

These webinars feature in the online CPD course During and After the Auction Process, released by REINSW in September 2018.

The course gives auctioneers a clear insight into the importance of conversations before, during and after an auction. It details the key considerations for auction floor negotiations and how to frame the proceedings for bidders and vendors.

"This course is specialised and speaks about real time issues auctioneers encounter in the marketplace," says Davidson. "In taking this course, auctioneers can better understand a wide variety of circumstances and develop the ability to adapt on the auction floor.

"In a busy world in which agents and auctioneers have continuous pressure to meet schedules, this course allows auctioneers to break it down and work within their own time frames to get the most out of their training experience."

Key outcomes of During and After the Auction Process

  • The benefits and importance of selling at auction and handling owner objections to auction as a method of sale
  • The importance of conversations with all parties involved in an auction, when to have these conversations and why they are vital to a successful auction
  • Deposit funds and auctions, the dos, the don’ts and the risks involved
  • How to handle one bidder auctions and reading the situation

Benefits of online

Being online, the course is available to anyone wanting a better understanding of the auction process and how to maximise results. Delivered by experts in the field, the content is relatable, timely and reliable. 

Upon finishing the four one-hour recorded webinars learning component, learners are required to complete an online multiple-choice assessment. A Proof of Attendance certificate is available for download immediately after completing the course and learners are eligible for 12 CPD points from learning Category 3.

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