Call to step up home fire safety this summer
15 October 2018
As we move out of the colder months, we aren’t using our heaters, electric blankets and fireplaces as much. That means the risk of a house fire should be reduced, right?

Unfortunately, no.

Australia’s largest provider of smoke alarm compliance and maintenance services to the real estate industry says home fire safety is a year-round issue.

Exclusive data obtained by Smoke Alarm Solutions and conducted by Fire & Rescue New South Wales, discovered the state’s firefighters responded to more than 3865 house fires in the past year. Interestingly, 45 per cent of these fires originated in the kitchen.

Minimising the risk

Smoke Alarm Solutions provides a comprehensive risk-mitigation service that ensures landlords adhere to their legislative responsibilities, property managers meet their duty of care requirements and tenants are safe from the dangers of fire. 

CEO, Cameron Davis, says there are many simple steps that can be taken to minimise the threat of house fires this summer. 

“It’s important for property managers to remind renters to check BBQs before they’re fired up,” he says. “Check there are no cracks in the gas hose and the connections are tight."

And althought it seems like stating the obvious, Davis reminds residents to never leave cooking unattended.

“We all have competing priorities when we’re at home, but it takes just seconds for a fire to start,” he says. “Sometimes there are tragic consequences.”

Davis says residents must be fire smart outside the home too. 

“Landlords should ensure there is no rubbish around their properties and gutters are free of leaves and debris,” he says. “Mowed lawns and well-maintained gardens significantly minimise the threat and spread of fires.”

Davis also reminds residents to turn appliances off at the wall if they are going on holidays.

NSW must be more fire smart

Davis says it’s worrying that 25 per cent of NSW homes don’t have a working smoke alarm. 

"Working smoke alarms should be in every home,” he says. “Without working smoke alarms, residents are gambling with their safety and the safety of family and friends.

"Nobody thinks it will happen to them, but home fires will claim two lives across the state this month alone.”

Davis has previously vocalised his support for more stringent smoke alarm regulation, most recently following the release of the Coroner's recommendations into the tragic death of Miata Jibba, who was killed in a house fire in 2016.

"The best investment families and landlords can make this summer is in up-to-date, working smoke alarms.”

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