Why you should use live chat
31 August 2018
It’s that little bubble that pops up in the corner of websites asking if you need any help. And it’s quickly becoming a valuable marketing tool to drive enquiries and sales.

And it’s no different for real estate.

The benefits of live chat

“[Live chat] is a way for clients to feel connected, able to ask questions and receive a response with time and precision,” continues Malcolm.

Malcolm’s belief in the power of live chat is so strong she came up with six good reasons why agencies should implement it.

It’s convenient

“If a client is browsing and has a question, they do not want to make a phone call. It sucks to dial the number, wait on hold or send an email that takes a few days for a response. The client can initiate the chat independently or be prompted via a pop-up box. Live chat is the most comfortable and convenient way to connect with your customers.”

It’s more personal

“It’s not just convenient – it’s personal. Live chat is like texting with a friend, which makes it obviously feel less scripted than a call centre or automated support system. This more casual dialogue helps the business field questions and deliver the exact results they are looking for.”

You can seize the moment

“Live chat allows you to take advantage the exact moment a client is interested. Strike while the user is browsing the site, rather than via e-blast when the moment has long past.”

It’s cost cutting

“Live chat also cuts significant costs relating to customer support. Agents in a call centre can chat with only one client at a time. Live chat agents can handle multiple clients as well as multitask other aspects of their support sales role.”

It gives insight

“This is a way for your business to engage with your website visitors and discover insights about their browsing and decision-making process. Agents can be trained to see opportunities to upsell clients or make other suggestions in a low-pressure manner.”

It gives you a competitive edge

“Having a live chat team to respond to customers will most certainly give you a competitive edge. Clients feel confident and knowledgeable after the conversation, making them more likely to have plenty of good things to say about the service.”

Things to consider before implementing live chat

Sarah says you must train your team and be aware of client browsing habits.

“Give your team the knowledge they need to succeed,” she says. “Provide them with additional resources, like cheat sheets and FAQs to make it easier for them to answer customer questions more quickly."

When it comes to browsing habits, Sarah says you cannot assume the nine to five approach will work.
“Even if you operate your business during regular business hours, you need to be aware of when the most popular browsing hours for your site are.”

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