A step in the right direction, says smoke alarm experts
27 August 2018
Following on from REINSW's call to the NSW Government to better protect consumers, Australia’s largest smoke alarm compliance and maintenance provider, Smoke Alarm Solutions has also welcomed the recent smoke alarm and public safety recommendations handed down by the NSW State Coroner’s Court Magistrate, Harriet Grahame, but believes more should be done.

The Magistrate's recommendations follow the inquest into the death of nine-year-old Miata Jibba, who was tragically killed in 2016. The fire that caused Miata’s death occurred in a rental property that did not have functioning smoke alarms. 

The Magistrate found if adequate smoke alarms were fitted in the property, Miata’s death could likely have been prevented.

Improved safety will save lives

Smoke Alarm Solutions CEO, Cameron Davis, says the Magistrate's recommendations will improve safety and save lives, but added they could be tougher.

“The recommendations are a step in the right direction, but from a compliance perspective, NSW still trails Queensland,” he says.

“NSW should follow Queensland’s lead and mandate that smoke alarms in all rental properties are either hardwired (240 volt) or are 10-year smoke alarms with non-removable batteries.”

Queensland’s new smoke alarm legislation comes into effect 1 January 2022 and requires all rental properties:  
  • Have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom
  • Have smoke alarms powered by either 240 volt or 10-year lithium batteries
  • Have interconnected smoke alarms
  • Have photoelectric smoke alarms
  • Ensure smoke alarms meet Australian Standard 3876:2014
Davis also recommends interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms be located in hallways, living areas and bedrooms and be installed by reputable providers.

“It’s essential families, landlords and property managers engage trusted, experienced professionals to manage their smoke alarm maintenance needs,” Davis says.

“If your smoke alarm compliance provider is a cowboy who places profit above safety, it’s time to find a new provider.”

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