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Rental Bonds Online Pending Lodgements

12 June 2018

Have you finalised your Rental Bonds Online Pending Lodgements? Find out how as Rental Bonds Online have commenced providing REINSW with ‘Top Tips’ for RBO users.

When your tenant pays the bond money to NSW Fair Trading, Rental Bonds Online will notify you that a payment has been received. To complete the bond lodgement process you must finalise the Pending Lodgement after the tenancy agreement has been signed.

RBO will then allocate the Rental Bond Number and notify all parties. This is an important step as tenants may request a return of funds if a Pending Lodgement is not finalised.  

If you need assistance finalising a Pending Lodgement, refer to the online Help pages in your Rental Bonds Online account. If you need further assistance, please call Rental Bonds Online Security and Support on 1800 990 724.