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New NCAT strata window form

17 April 2018

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal’s (NCAT) strata application form has been updated to include orders about the new window safety device requirements.  

A new law began in March which requires all residential strata buildings in NSW to have safety devices installed on all above ground windows. 

The law was brought in to prevent children falling from windows and the devices must allow a maximum window opening of 12.5cm. 

NCAT can make orders about window safety devices, including any functions under section 118 of the Strata Schemes Management Act such as installation and repairs.

What does the new law mean for agents?

REINSW held a webinar with two property managers and a strata expert on what this means for agents. Find out more here.

Alternatively visit the NSW Fair Trading website for more information about the strata window safety device requirements.