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NCAT order rights and obligations

8 May 2018

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal has developed a new resource that explains the rights and obligations of parties when it makes an order or decision that affects them.

NCAT orders are final and binding and if you don’t comply without a lawful or reasonable excuse, you:

may have committed a criminal offence or be liable to the imposition of a civil penalty
may be liable to be punished for contempt of the Tribunal, including by a fine or imprisonment.  

The resources document explains what you can and need to do. Read it in full here, or read our short summary below.

Written reasons

If the Tribunal did not give written reasons for making an order, you can ask for a written statement of reasons.  

Appeal against an order(s)

If you want to challenge an order made by the Tribunal and have it set aside or changed, you can appeal, or ask for permission or “leave” to appeal, against the order.  

You must do so within the applicable time limit, which is often 14 or 28 days after receiving notice of the decision or reasons for decision. Learn more about appealing an NCAT decision here.

Enforcement options

The resources document will help you find out about:

enforcing a money order
warrants for possession
Non-money orders in anti-discrimination cases
Criminal and Civil Penalty and Contempt Proceedings
Other options.