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Auctions cause Aussies anxiety

2 March 2018

A survey found that many Australian’s are anxious when it comes to property auctions.

A survey of 2,017 people by found that 18% are scared of buying or selling at auction, and 27% of Generation Y respondents said they dread it.

A total of 20% of Generation X admitted to being scared of buying or selling at auction, compared to just 7% of Baby Boomers. Insights Manager, Graham Cooke, said: “The research shows younger Australians are more scared about participating in auctions than older generations.

“Younger generations are used to the comfort and safety of their smartphones, making the idea of face-to-face bidding too terrifying for many.” 

He added: “If your dream home is up for auction and you are too anxious to attend - consider getting a professional to bid for you.

“Doing it this way means you get to call the shots from the comfort of your current home instead of the chaotic auction environment.”

Survey results

11% said they love auctions

12% said auctions don’t scare them

18% said auctions scare them

60% had no opinion