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Under promise and overdeliver

12 February 2018

Women under promise and overdeliver, according to Amanda Farmer, who says women have the power to change the way they are perceived.

Amanda, Director of Lawyers Chambers on Riley, spoke at REINSW’s Women in Real Estate Conference  about how women can empower themselves to improve their career. 

She explained: “You need to turn up every single day and be unapologetically you. Instead of shaping ourselves to fit the established male mould, we need to remember it's okay to be the way we are. I believe women should showcase and harness typical female attributes like empathy, resilience, perseverance, and determination. 

“These are the hallmarks of high quality professional advice, and are in our DNA. Who better than a working mum to be highly organised and efficient, and to bring that skill to her business and to her clients? Who better to creatively resolve conflict?”

She added: “It’s important to invest in yourself and take it to the next level. I just want to remind you that if you want to be pink in a sea of blue and grey, you can be pink. Be billion-dollar pink. The fact that you're a woman in real estate today puts you in a powerful position. Just remember to use that power wisely.”

A crouching tiger is a valuable asset

Amanda added that women in traditionally male dominated professions, have always had to work harder and have higher standards to prove themselves.

“We under promise and we over deliver, and it turns out that's a good business strategy. We're underestimated based solely on the way we look, which is a mistake. A crouching tiger can be a valuable asset.

“You have the power to affect real change by turning up and doing it your way. If you use it wisely, you're going to live a happier, more meaningful professional life and inspire others around you. Here's the kicker, it just might be good for business.”

Strata is growing fast

Amanda explained how strata is the fastest growing form of residential property accommodation in Australia. The 2016 Census results revealed that the number of occupied apartments has increased 76% in the last 25 years. 

It's also estimated that by 2030 the strata industry will be managing the same value in assets that the superannuation industry is managing today. 

Amanda said: “When you have a fast changing, rapidly growing sector, you have challenge, but you also have opportunity. Women in real estate are uniquely placed to ride this wave of opportunity. 

“American research this year said that single women are buying property at twice the rate of single men. You're talking to them, but are you really connecting with them in a way that only you can as women talking to women with shared experiences, telling each other your stories?”

Women in Strata

Amanda launched a network group called Women in Strata after writing a blog about issues she was experiencing as a woman in business and has recently launched a mentoring programme. 

Not resting on her laurels Amanda also launched a podcast called Your Strata Property, which she says is the only strata specific podcast. 

“It's easy to do, it's relatively cheap, and you can build your authority really quickly and make connections. Through the podcast I developed a membership site, which strata members can join and pay a small monthly fee to access information and guidance from strata experts. 

“You want to offer your clients something unique, and that starts by building deeper connections.”

Amanda has also created a free eBook available at which has ‘six things you must know about owning a strata property’. 

“It's something that you can use to get this conversation started with the clients you want to work more closely with, and the clients you want to start building a connection with.”