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NABERS Apartment Building pilot has started

15 December 2017

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS), which indicates how energy and water efficient a building’s common area is, is being expanded from commercial application to apartment buildings. The assessment tool is currently in pilot phase, and will be available for public use, including strata schemes by mid-2018.

The tool evaluates an apartment building and award it a star rating. This rating indicates how the building is performing to help identify opportunities for energy and water efficiency upgrades.

A six-star rating is the highest and represents market-leading performance. A one star rating demonstrates considerable opportunity for improvement.

Developed through data collection

The NABERS rating has been developed from information collected from a range of strata schemes based on the height of apartment buildings, and variety of central and shared services with other strata schemes.

Onsite testing in the New Year

The testing phase of the rating will begin early next year and involve onsite audits of strata schemes. NABERS rating assessments can only be performed by accredited assessors.

Operational profiles for building modelling

NABERS plan to develop a set of standard operational profiles which can be used to estimate the energy consumption of apartment buildings in their design or construction phase. These profiles will take occupancy lighting and equipment levels in the common areas of apartment building into account.

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