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How good is the leadership?

14 December 2017

CoreLogic and TMJ Coaching have released a major research report on the quality of leadership in the real estate industry, covering a range of behaviours, skills and attitudes.

As the report states: “The stereotype of the big, street smart, self-taught real estate agent is being challenged by a new breed of business educated and managerially savvy agents.”

The research shows these new agents deliver leadership by running tighter ships that are more profitable, have better employee engagement and are more transparent around process and client management

For example, 66% of real estate agents surveyed say the quality of leadership in their organisation is excellent or good. 

The report also shows that some in the industry have some work to do: 12% of real estate agents surveyed say leadership in their business is poor or non-existent.

The report has been authored by Kylie Davis of CoreLogic and Tanja M Jones of TMJ Coaching. You can download a free copy of the report, or just the short executive summary, by clicking here.