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Strata by-laws need reviewing by 30 Nov

15 November 2017

All strata schemes are required by law to review their by-laws by 30 November 2017.

NSW Fair Trading recommends that schemes organise a meeting of the owners corporation asap to review their by-laws (if your scheme has not already done so).

A NSW Fair Trading spokesperson said: “This is a chance for owners to consider whether their existing by-laws are still suitable or if changes are needed to improve the scheme's operation.


“You can adopt any or all of the model by-laws, or simply use them as a guide when making by-laws that suit your scheme.

“If, as a result of the review, your scheme proposes changes to the by-laws, these must be put to a special resolution vote at a meeting of the owners corporation.”

The new by-laws must be registered with the NSW Office of the Registrar General within six months after the special resolution has been passed.

This can be done by completing and lodging a Consolidation/Change of By-laws form. Tenants must also be informed of any change in by-laws.

If no changes are needed as a result of the review of your scheme's by-laws, nothing further needs to be done. For more information on by-laws, visit the by-laws in your strata scheme page.

Free strata model by-laws survey

REINSW members can access a FREE strata model by-laws survey to help find out lot owners’ preferences on a variety of by-law matters.

The survey contains a user guide and includes 23 questions intended to help the strata manager find out lot owners’ views on different by-laws. The form is available to download on REI Forms Live and from our Store page here

Strata building bond scheme begins 1 January 2018

The new strata building bond and inspections scheme is due to start on 1 January 2018.

Under the new scheme, developers of new residential and mixed-use high-rise strata developments which are four storeys or higher will be required to lodge a building bond with NSW Fair Trading.

The amount secured by a building bond is to be 2% of the contract price for the building work.

Any defective building work identified between 15 and 18 months, but not rectified by the builder before the end of 24 months, may be rectified using an amount secured by the building bond.