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John McGrath’s views on professionalism

7 September 2017

John McGrath is a strong supporter for the real estate industry to become a nationally recognised profession, and said that agents who don’t embrace it are at risk of being replaced. 

REINSW President John Cunningham interviewed John McGrath at REINSW’s Future Agent Summit event which has ignited industry interest in becoming a respected profession. 

John McGrath said: “All stakeholders from buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords deserve the very best professional standards.

“This is why what the REINSW and REIA is doing regarding education and insisting on higher standards to help the industry evolve to the next level is not only exciting, but overdue and critical to the future of the industry.

“Agents who don’t offer great value and who are not at the highest professional standards are at real risk of being replaced by technology or low service alternatives.

“You either get on the bandwagon of high professional standards and be the best of the best or you will end up being commoditised and out of the industry.”

However, John added that it will not only benefit agents, ‘but more importantly the consumers’.

He explained: “I always say to my team, we don’t sell houses but we help build communities. Although this will help agents grow their businesses and benefit, more importantly it will help improve the lives of the consumers.

“Our biggest issue if complacency and agents who don’t change. They have the choice to get out of the industry or up their standards.”

REINSW, in association with the Real Estate Institute of Australia, is working with some of the industry’s leading agents to create a new nationally recognised Professional Standards Scheme that will change real estate practice forever. Find out more here.