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REI Forms Live sponsors Australasian Auctioneering Championships

25 August 2017

The Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) and the Real Estate Institute of Australia are proud to announce REI Forms Live as the major sponsor for the Australasian Auctioneering Championships in Adelaide in September 2017.

REISA CEO, Greg Troughton said: “I am proud to be making this announcement on the day of a further milestone for REI Forms Live – the production of the 13 millionth form on the national platform.  

"While 13 is unlucky for some, this is a significant achievement and reinforces the fact that the REI Forms Live platform is the number one choice for professional real estate agencies and their teams.

“We thought it appropriate that REI Forms Live, being the quiet achiever, should sit alongside the tradition that is auctioneering.  There is no better Auction Competition in Australasia and we see this event as an opportunity to showcase to the world two of the best standing proudly alongside each other” Mr Troughton said.

REI Forms Live is a national platform for the electronic delivery of every agent’s bread and butter – their forms and documents.  In the past, documents were not sexy to talk about. However, with 13 million forms downloaded and with over 40,000 agents and their staff relying on REI Forms Live to get the deal done, sexy is back.

The more recent integration with DocuSign has dragged documentation from the “wet ink” world to an electronic age and now, the entire documentation cycle can be completed exclusively online.

“Over the next five years, REI Forms Live will be delivered to hundreds of thousands of real estate consumers, whether buying, selling or leasing, and will quickly become the expected ‘delivery and execution’ of all real estate documentation.

“In terms of auctions, terms and condition will be able to be displayed electronically and if requested, sent directly to a registered bidder’s device.  In South Australia, the issues surrounding proxy bidders or their representatives, simply disappears with the electronic delivery and execution of contracts” Mr Troughton said.