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REI Forms Live completes BYB integration 

29 August 2017

Access to qualified and impartial building and pest inspections, and strata reports, has been made easier with the integration of Before You Bid into REINSW’s online real estate agreements and forms system. 

REINSW President John Cunningham said the strategic partnership between Before You Bid and REI Forms Live will make the sale of properties easier and more efficient for real estate professional who use the system. 

“Through its shared-cost consumer and vendor models, Before You Bid enables interested parties to divide the costs of property reports, delivering significant savings to consumers,” Mr Cunningham said. 

Before You Bid CEO Rhys Rogers said recent changes to NSW legislation regarding pre-purchase property reports mean more agents than ever are having vendors purchase reports upfront. 

“Not only does help interested parties to save money, but it also enables agents to know what is going on with the property they are selling and maximise the chance of a successful sale. 

“We are excited to be integrating with the REINSW platform to make it even easier to sell your properties,” Mr Rogers said. 

Before You Bid has joined a growing number of systems which have linked with REI Forms Live including MyDesktop, Agentbox, Rockend’s REST system, APM PriceFinder, Console’s GatewayLive and DocuSign.