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Strata model by-laws survey now available

14 June 2017

REINSW members can now access a FREE strata model by-laws survey to help find out lot owners’ preferences on a variety of by-law matters.

The survey contains a user guide and includes 23 questions intended to help the strata manager find out lot owners’ views on different by-laws.

The form is available to download on REI Forms Live. REINSW Strata Management Committee members’ Leisha de Aboitiz, Christine Nesbit and Gary Adamson, helped develop the survey.

Strata manager views

Leisha de Aboitiz, Partner at Massons,
said: “The survey is intended to be a helpful and cost-effective tool for strata managers given the statutory obligation to review by-laws by no later than 30 November 2017 (see clause 4, Schedule 3 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW)).

“Many strata managers have indicated that they are not quite sure where to start and are daunted by the size of the task – given most strata managers will need to carry out this review across numerous schemes under management. 

“This survey is designed to be user friendly and to help “get the ball rolling”. By starting the conversation with lot owners directly via a simple user-friendly survey, strata managers can collate feedback and assess majority opinion before drafting motions and setting the agenda for a general meeting.

“If a Scheme can genuinely improve its by-laws (rather than just ticking a compliance box) then it is a win for the scheme and a win for the strata manager – because sensible scheme-specific by-laws will always make day-to-day management a much easier task for all involved.” 

Christine Nesbit, Principal of Albury Wodonga Real Estate, said: “The survey is a great tool for strata managers and owners to use. It allows owners to be involved with making decisions about their scheme and the by-laws that control it.

“Issuing the survey also gives people time to take it away and look at it and make their recommendations. There is less chance of disagreements at a meeting because everyone has had their say already. It is also a record if anyone says they have not been consulted.

“I will be using it and would recommend strata managers use it before a meeting or when they take over a new scheme as it will be valid until a new act is introduced or until legislation changes.”