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Benchmark your agency

9 May 2017


Real estate agencies can find out how their business compares to others by accessing Macquarie Bank’s Real Estate Benchmarking results.

The results will provide you with insights from across the country by benchmarking your business against the 2016 survey responses. All agents need to do is complete a strictly confidential eight-question survey here to access the results.

The agent will be provided with an overall ranking (gold, silver or bronze) and a digital dashboard which drills down into revenue, profit and expenses, sales commissions, property management and people. 

The dashboard looks at specific state based results, refers to the national benchmarks and how your business is positioned.  There are also further insights on marketing and advertising, operations and technology and practical tips.

Measures have been put into place to maintain the privacy of information which is stored in Macquarie’s customer data management software. An agency’s individual results will not be visible to any other agency.

What are the questions?

  1. Where is your business located?
  2. Which of the following describes your business (i.e. sales and property management, sales only, PM only)?
  3. What was your total gross revenue in 2016 financial year?
  4. What proportion of your total gross revenue typically falls into which category (various)?
  5. What is your average commission rate charged to vendors on the sale of a property (excluding GST)?
  6. How many properties are managed per full time property manager?
  7. Including principals how many FTEs do you have?
  8. What is your primary intention regarding your property management business over the next two years?

The survey can be accessed by clicking here.