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Strata loose-fill asbestos deadline

2 March 2017

Last year NSW Fair Trading offered free sample testing to eligible homeowners in identified NSW local government areas.

Pre-registered strata schemes have until 31 March 2017 to email the approved owners corporation special resolution form to NSW Fair Trading ([email protected]) for their free testing to go ahead.

If an accredited laboratory testing facility confirms that a property contains loose-fill asbestos insulation, owners will be contacted to arrange for the next phases of the program and may be eligible for the Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program.

NSW Fair Trading say that before exercising their votes at the general meeting, lot owners should be aware of the implications of the strata scheme being found to contain loose-fill asbestos insulation.

Strata schemes which did not register prior to the registration deadline can arrange for a Licensed Asbestos Assessor to conduct a sample test at their own expense if they are concerned it may contain loose-fill asbestos.

SafeWork NSW provides a search page for asbestos and demolition licence holders, including licensed asbestos assessors.

For more information on loose-fill asbestos in strata scheme, click here.