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Liveability training to help agents

13 February 2017

REINSW will soon be offering the award-winning Liveability Real Estate Specialist Training course to help property managers and sales agents deliver better results for their clients.

The Centre for Liveability Real Estate aims to help the real estate industry deliver on an exciting new market opportunity - the running cost potential of a property and how it impacts the way renters, buyers and investors view homes.

As a result, it has created the Liveability Real Estate Framework which enables agents to identify benchmark Liveability FeaturesTM into the point of sale or rent.

These 17 property features cover energy and water efficiency, solar PV, passive design and living locally. The framework encompasses Banksia award-winning real estate training, a new benchmarked appraisal checklist and unique property marketing icons.

According to research 89% of consumers would find a home more attractive if these features were identified at point of sale or rent.

Agents completing the training will now be able to bring these additional property features forward at the point of sale or rent to enable them to get the best price and able to answer questions with confidence.

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin said: “We are excited to sign on as the first Real Estate Institute partner of Liveability and be able to offer this industry leading training to our members over the coming months

“We are proud that our industry has provided such a significant contribution to enhancing the customer experience for buyers and tenants.”

Judges’ at the Banksia Foundation Award for Education said: “This program is an amazingly innovative initiative with the capacity to effect change on people’s lives – through their homes and through their investments.

“This initiative has engaged many partners and the engagement results from their training courses are outstanding.”

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When are the Liveability courses? 

The courses run from 8.30am-4.30pm and 12 CPD points are available.

  • 14 March Liveability Real Estate Training Sales
  • 16 March Liveability Real Estate Training PM
  • 16 May Liveability Real Estate Training Sales
  • 18 May Liveability Real Estate Training PM
  • 22 August Liveability Real Estate Training Sales
  • 24 August Liveability Real Estate Training PM
  • 24 October Liveability Real Estate Training Sales
  • 26 October Liveability Real Estate Training PM


What will you learn?


  • Identifying this “sweet spot” in your market
  • Understanding this new value proposition 
  • Understanding the new consumer
  • Positioning yourself as a Liveability Real Estate Specialist in your market
  • Integrating a Liveability Appraisal into your processes
  • How to Identify the 17 Liveability Features™ in a property - how to appraise and list properties with these features; know why they are important to Liveability potential; know how to market them effectively at point of sale or lease 
  • Scripts and dialogues
  • The five Liveability Customer profiles
  • The power of active listening
  • The language of Liveability
  • Accessing exclusive tools and resources

Once graduated you will be supported by a nationally recognised membership program and have access to a continuous improvement training pathway and the best information, resources and research regarding the running cost and comfort potential of properties. 

1* EnergyFit Homes: Enhancing the Market for Energy Efficient Homes Research Study, “energy efficiency features” p.10, April 2016