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Peace of mind for property managers

17 November 2016

Fire-related incidents are at their highest over the Christmas period, which is why it is critical property managers make sure their landlords’ smoke alarms are compliant.

Ongoing maintenance and inspection of smoke alarms is important and property managers must ensure they are installed where required.

However the increased likelihood of incidents over Christmas due to families being at home also coincides with property managers taking time off from work. 

This leaves them not as readily available to send a smoke alarm technician to the property if required, or being on call meaning they cannot enjoy an uninterrupted break. 

What’s the solution?

Smoke Alarm Solutions, who provide compliance and maintenance services to the Australian real estate industry, offer a 24/7 Emergency Service, which ensures technical attendance to alarms outside of business hours.

This means families won’t be kept awake during the night by a beeping alarm, waiting for their property manager to start work before they can report it. 

A SAS spokesperson said: “Our mission is to ensure that property managers and landlords are provided with peace of mind about the safety of the tenants and the investment.  

“Arranging an appointment with a Smoke Alarm Solutions technician for each property on your rent roll is quick and hassle-free.

“If the tenant is not able to contact their property manager to report the issues, tenants tend to risk their lives by climbing on furniture and disabling the alarm themselves.  

“The alarm may then remain un-operational because the tenants forget to notify the property manager or try to replace it themselves resulting in non-compliance and an unsafe home environment.”

Landlords enrolled in the Smoke Alarm Solutions Platinum Annual Service ensure their tenants and investment are constantly protected with unlimited inspections to ensure compliancy, repairs or replacements of faulty alarms.

For more information on our service, call Smoke Alarm Solutions on 1300 853 910 or email [email protected]