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NCAT service reduction in Gosford

1 November 2016

Concerns have been raised about the decision to close the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) venue at the Gateway Centre in Gosford.

It is being moved from the venue on 5 December to the Gosford Courthouse, where it will be held every Wednesday and Friday.

NCAT currently shares its premises in Gosford with NSW Fair Trading who are moving out on December when their lease ends.

The Tribunal currently operates from Monday to Friday and the Central Coast Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service (CCTAAS) has raised concerns over the decision.

CCTAAS Manager Sidonie Gnauck said: “We believe that the negative impact that this decision will have on the Central Coast community has not been sufficiently investigated or considered.

“We have serious concerns as to the suitability of the venue as there will be only one hearing room and no designated conciliation rooms.

“Parking is also of concern for this venue and access by public transport to the courthouse is not suitable.”

Matters not settled at the general hearing will also be held over for a formal hearing in Newcastle, which Sidonie says is ‘totally unacceptable and would certainly preclude many tenants from appearing’.

Sidonie urged those not in favour to contact the Attorney General to seek a review of the decision.