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REINSW re-joins REIA to benefit members

17 June 2016

REINSW has decided to re-join the national body, the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), to help achieve a range of benefits for our members.

REINSW resigned from its membership of the REIA in 2008 for financial and value reasons and has been clear on its position and the conditions under which it would re-join.

In more recent times the REIA has shown a willingness to evolve into a more relevant organisation that focusses on national issues and the needs of its members (which include the State and Territory REIs plus some franchise groups and affiliated organisations).

REINSW put forward a proposal for a new structure to REIA in early 2016 and have since negotiated and agreed the main points of the new structure.

As a result, the REINSW Board has decided to re-join the REIA as a full participating Member from 1 July 2016.

The main benefits of re-joining are:

One national and united voice with clear policies, strategies and action plans

One national, united voice and position on policy and advocacy will help to effectively lobby the Federal and State Governments on a range of issues and defend the profession.

A stronger focus on offering better products and services for agents

Joining the REIA will help collaboration and where one REI has a great product or service then this should be supported and rolled out to Members nationally.


In the short term the REIA’s Board and management structure will be changed to ensure that Member REIs have a stronger and more direct part to play in the governance and management of the REIA. This will ensure that the best people in the profession are representing our collective interests as well as our clients’ interests at the highest level.

Single national association

There is a commitment to moving towards a single national body (one REI) that can better represent agents’ interests rather than the current federated structure with all of its duplications, inefficiencies and structural weaknesses.

REIA’s national research and communications

This will be made available to REINSW and its members to provide additional insight into the property market and for sharing with Members’ clients, prospects and other contacts.