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REI Forms live completes CoreLogic integration

18 May 2016

The integration of RP Data Professional, a CoreLogic product, into the REINSW'S online real estate agreements and forms system will help agents deliver better customer service and insights.

REINSW President John Cunningham said the strategic partnership between RP Data Professional and REI Forms Live would benefit both agents and the consumer.

“This integration puts information at the fingertips of agents and supports the growth of REI Forms Live into the one stop shop for agents,” Mr Cunningham said.

CoreLogic RP Data Executive General Manager – Property and Partnerships Greg Dickason said RP Data Professional was in high demand from agents.

“This integration will improve processes for agents. The software enables you to create your own, accurate reports very quickly and easily. You can track prospects, listings, current and future sales and rentals.

“Sophisticated search tools enable agents to find properties easily by searching by street, suburb, postcode or land parcel. They can also easily filter results, then use the information to create geographically targeted marketing campaigns,” Mr Dickason said.

RP Data Professional has joined a growing number of systems which have linked with REI Forms Live including MyDesktop, Agentbox, Rockend’s REST system and Console’s GatewayLive and APM’s PriceFinder.

For further information on how to use this integration, watch the video on CoreLogic's website here.