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NCAT updates policies and appeal guidelines

14 April 2016

Updates have recently been made to policies and the internal appeal guidelines at The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). 

NCAT was established in January 2014 as a one-stop-shop for specialist tribunal services in NSW.

It deals with a range of matters from tenancy disputes between landlords and tenants to decisions on guardianship and an administrative review of government decisions. 

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010, NCAT can make legally binding and enforceable decisions on a wide range of tenancy disputes such as rental bond, rent increases, unpaid rent, termination of tenancy agreements, compensation, repairs and other breaches of the residential tenancy agreement.

For more information, please find below links to the relevant pages on the NCAT website covering new and updated NCAT policies and guidelines. 

  1. Publishing Reasons for Decisions - The updated NCAT Policy 2 -  Publishing Reasons for Decisions sets out the practices and considerations which apply to the publication of reasons for decisions made in the various Divisions of the Tribunal and by the Appeal Panel. More here
  2. Provision of Statistical Data - The updated NCAT Policy 3 -  Provision of Statistical Datasets out the circumstances in which statistical data might be provided to external bodies and individuals, and the procedures for dealing with statistical data requests. More here
  3. Access to and Publication of Information - The new NCAT Policy 4 -  Access to and Publication of Information Derived from Proceedings sets out the legislative provisions, protocols and procedures that apply where persons who are not parties to proceedings wish to gain access to, or publish, information derived from proceedings in the Tribunal. More here
  4. Internal Appeals - NCAT Guideline 1 - NCAT's Internal Appeals Guideline provides detailed information and explains the steps to be followed by a party wishing to appeal from a Tribunal decision. More here