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Independent review to examine swimming pool laws

3 November 2015

Despite two 12 month extensions, REINSW is still not satisfied that sufficient resources have been made available to ensure that property owners are able to comply with new swimming pool compliance requirements by 29 April 2016.

“We have been voicing our concerns for some time and we are pleased that the NSW Government has commissioned a review of the laws,” REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin said.

The Independent Review of Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements for Backyard Swimming Pools in NSW is assessing whether the regulatory framework can be further simplified and whether adequate resources are in place ahead of the commencement date. REINSW has lodged a submission to the review.

“REINSW’s preferred approach is for all pools to be compliant,” Mr McKibbin said. “However if the government proceeds with the sale and lease arrangements, then it needs to consider the time it takes for pool owners to obtain quotes from certifiers, materials to be ordered and contractors to be arranged to carry out remediation works, as well as arranging for the certifier to return to complete their assessment.

“The fact is that 95 per cent of pools fail their first compliance assessment and it takes an average of three inspections to achieve compliance.

“With that in mind, and having regard to the limited number of certifiers currently available in NSW, the timing of conveyancing and leasing transactions will be severely delayed if the sale and lease arrangements commence on 29 April 2016. This will have a detrimental impact on the market.

“REINSW believes the way to minimise these effects is to commence the lease provisions as planned on 29 April 2016, but defer the sale provisions for 12 months,” he said.

You can view a copy of REINSW’s submission by clicking here >>>