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Securing the industry’s future: REINSW Industry Summit

2 December 2014
Real estate’s thought leaders gathered together to discuss areas of major concern to the profession and consumers at the 2014 REINSW Industry Summit on Thursday, 27 November 2014. 

Following the success of the inaugural event 12 months ago, the 2014 Summit provided an open environment for industry figures to voice their opinions on the issues, challenges and trends impacting the industry and profession. 

REINSW Deputy President John Cunningham said the event was a huge success and he congratulated the delegates on their commitment to improving the industry.

“We planned to review the most important issues facing NSW agents and consumers, and we did just that,” Mr Cunningham said.

“We spoke about some controversial topics, agreed solid action points, collected very innovative ideas and in total there was a lot of consensus from the delegates on what we need to do in order to secure the future of our industry. 

“At the end of the day, the whole of industry had voice at the Summit and the outcomes for agents and consumers are going to be very positive.

The topic of lifting the education standards of the profession was discussed at length at the Summit. The delegates highlighted the need for improved education and training standards, particularly surrounding the requirements for entering the industry.

mcconnellbourn Founder and Director Matthew Bourn said he would like to see the education standards lifted in NSW for the benefit of consumers.

“We are dealing with people’s biggest assets and property really is their wealth. I think there is a lack of education for people who are handling those assets,” Mr Bourn said

“When I look at accountants, lawyers and financial planners – they are dealing with people’s livelihoods and there is a lot of skill that is involved around that. I think the real estate industry could benefit from further education and up skilling people to handle those sorts of transactions.”

Mr Cunningham attributed the success of the day to the many delegates who attended the Summit.

“Moving forward, we have a lot of work to do. The delegates gave us very clear directions – we have to always be on the front foot and key an eye on the future. Unless we do that, we are going to be left behind,” Mr Cunningham said.

A full report setting out all the recommendations coming out of the 2014 REINSW Industry Summit will be available on the website in the coming weeks. 


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