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Holiday rentals hitlist

The Journal speaks to Tea Gardens’ Real Estate Principal Rick Wraight about preparing properties for peak holiday rental periods.

The season for holiday and short-term rentals differs depending on which part of NSW you are in. However, the procedures you need to follow to ensure your properties are ready for holiday rental do not.

Tea Gardens Real Estate Principal Rick Wraight believes holiday and short-term rental property managers need to understand that they are unique in the property management market.

“Firstly, the holiday rentals property manager needs to appreciate they are within the hospitality industry and need to adopt hospitality principles, practices and protocols,” Rick said.

“They must educate owners that they are also within the accommodation industry and must be prepared to comply with appropriate regulatory standards.

“Ultimately, owners must ensure that a holiday property is providing for its holiday guests’ expectations.”

Read on to find out Rick’s advice on how to prepare for the new season.

What should you consider before the season starts?

Property maintenance — Assess the property and ensure all potential risks are removed prior to occupation. This includes checking appliances, smoke alarms, hot water temperatures, swimming pool gates and fences etc. It is important to create an ongoing regular inspections procedure.

Cleaning — Owners and agents may have different standards of cleanliness. Ensure you check a property has been cleaned properly before guests arrive. If a property has not been occupied for more than 30 days, visit it to ensure the power is still connected and everything is clean and tidy.

Spare parts — Have all the appliances in the properties been checked and do you have spares available in case of breakdown? Kettles and toasters and refrigerators are the main breakdown culprits.

Repairmen — Maintain an excellent relationship with your repairmen and check if they are available to work during gazetted holiday periods.

Style property — Assess each property’s target market and style the property accordingly.

Risk management — Create a risk-management procedures manual . For example, what would you do if guests hold a party at a property and the neighbours complain or if a guest falls ill or is injured on the property?

Online marketing — Build a dynamic holiday website that includes accommodation. Remember, Google struggles to index holiday properties buried inside a conventional real estate website. Provide real-time availability plus online booking within the website. Consider feeding properties plus live availability to holiday accommodation portals. Don’t forget to take amazing photographs.

Timeline — With the correct procedures in place, a holiday property can be prepared for holiday rental within 14 days.


When is the holiday rental season in NSW?
  • Snowy Mountains: June long weekend to September, then December/January and Easter.
  • NSW South Coast: September school holidays then December/January through to Easter.
  • NSW Central Coast: August through to May and weekends all year.
  • NSW North Coast: All year.