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SAS warns against danger of xmas lights

5 December 2017

The risk of fire damage to property and personal injury is increased during the festive season as a direct result of faulty Christmas lights, according to smoke alarm services company, Smoke Alarm Solutions (SAS)

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, many families around Australia decorate their homes, both inside and out, with Christmas displays and lights. Unfortunately, just one small error or undetected fault can result in expensive damage to property or even a tragedy. 

According to Julieanne Worchurst, Australia and New Zealand Sales and Marketing Director of SAS, common causes of fire at this time of year include families failing to check old Christmas lights and using cheap lights that don’t meet Australian standards.

She added: “Many families like to decorate the outside of their home with intricate light displays, often to enter Christmas lights competitions organised for the whole city.

“These can be quite elaborate, including flashing reindeer and Santa figurines, synchronized lights and music. The decorated homes draw large crowds in the weeks leading up to Christmas, all keen to celebrate the magic and seasonal spirit.

“However, creating and operating such displays can be costly in time and money. Those families may not take the time to correctly check each strand of lights, and even if a fault is discovered may still use it anyway, to avoid having to purchase more.

“Or they may buy cheaper imported lights online that don’t meet Australian standards, to save money.”

According to Ms Worchurst, the greatest danger presented by Christmas lights occurs when families are asleep.

“Leaving your Christmas lights switched on, or on a timer, when you go to bed is potentially life-threatening. They should always be switched off.”

All smoke alarms should be operational and compliant for your best chance at safety during the festive season.

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