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Bilingual video marketing helps agents

24 November 2016

Real estate agents can increase the exposure of their properties to the affluent Chinese property buying market by using Bilingual video marketing.

Digital media specialists, Industrie Media, was the first to launch bilingual video marketing to the real estate sector by integrating a second language with onscreen title graphics and a professional voice over.

They are currently targeted at the affluent Chinese speaking market in Australia and abroad, however other languages are available.

China is the biggest foreign buyer of residential and commercial property in Australia and spent $24.3 billion in 2014-15 - more than triple the United States and six times more than Singapore, the Foreign Investment Review Board annual reports show.

What are the benefits to estate agents?

  • ability to offer their clients an opportunity to increase the exposure of a property to the Chinese property buying market
  • the opportunity to target Chinese-speaking communities both locally and abroad by building and distributing content to previous untapped markets
  • ability to communicate effectively in both Mandarin (mainland China) and Cantonese (Hong Kong)
  • early adopters will secure and establish a strong point of difference at the appraisal stage to secure more listings
  • a cost effective and obvious upgrade to existing marketing campaigns
  • the potential of securing a higher price for a home by tapping into the Chinese buying markets.

An example of bilingual video marketing can be found here.