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What should you expect from a professional real estate agent?

24 July 2017

By John Cunningham – REINSW President

When selling your most valuable asset it is critical to choose the best professional agent to help you achieve the best outcome.

I have worked in real estate for nearly 40 years and it has taught me that you need to hire a professional who will provide you with the best advice, experience and results. Anything less is unacceptable.

I always advise sellers to apply the 20 essentials test when interviewing agents to help them choose who will represent you best.
  1. Trust is imperative in real estate, so decide which agent you trust to deliver on their promises? 
  2. What are their business values and how do they affect you and your pool of buyers?
  3. Are they capable of finding solutions and eliminating stress?
  4. Do they have a comprehensive list of ready, willing and able buyers they can call?
  5. Is the agent fully licensed or a certificate holder? Do they undertake ongoing training?
  6. Do they have a good knowledge of the Property Stock and Business Agents Act and know their responsibilities for sellers and buyers? Have they got adequate knowledge of the Conveyancing Act to correctly deal with the contract for sale of land? 
  7. Do they understand the importance of presentation and marketing in making your property stand out to maximise your sale price? 
  8. Do they have a targeted digital, social and print strategy that shows proof of engagement?
  9. Does the agent instil confidence in you that they have the expertise and capacity to achieve the best possible result?
  10. Do they have sufficient knowledge about your property and locality to understand all its features, hidden benefits, improvements, possibilities, zoning, easements and restrictions of use?
  11. Have they researched recent local sales to enable a thorough appraisal?
  12. Have they supplied a strategy for the sale of your property that explains the why, what, how and when of every step? 
  13. Do they have clear written policies and procedures on how offers are submitted and how negotiation takes place when multiple buyers are involved? 
  14. Do they provide daily feedback, weekly written reports and regular face-to-face strategy meetings throughout the sales campaign?
  15. Are their fees and charges clearly laid out in a schedule that is easy to follow and understand?
  16. Are they capable of creating a trusting environment for engagement, nurturing, negotiation and closure with buyers?
  17. Can they provide advice and assistance on stylists, decluttering, renovations, marketing, and home loan solutions?
  18. Have they supplied comprehensive case studies of recent sales strategies?
  19. Have you witnessed their agents at open homes or auctions? 
  20. Have they supplied references and contact details from past vendors and buyers?