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Little good news in housing finance numbers, says REIA

MEDIA RELEASE: REIA says the number of loans for housing is declining.

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Sydney rental availability increases

MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney rental availability increases according to new REINSW research.

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Housing finance numbers on slippery slope, says REIA

MEDIA RELEASE: REIA President says decline in housing finance is a reflection of the slowing market, Royal Commission into Banking and APRA restrictions.

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Sydney rental market vacancy rates mixed

MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney vacancy rates offer mixed results, according to REINSW Vacancy Rate Survey.

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REIA elects new president

MEDIA RELEASE: REIA has welcomed the election of a new president.

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House price drop largest in seven years, says REIA

MEDIA RELEASE: New REIA report shows median house prices are falling in most states and territories across Australia.

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Housing and rental affordability improves across Australia

MEDIA RELEASE: Housing and rental affordability improves across Australia and income required to meet a loan decreases, says REIA

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Year ends with no interest rate movement

MEDIA RELEASE: No change to interest rates as we head into the holiday season.

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REINSW launches petition for Property Services Commissioner

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW calls on NSW Premier to move property services out from NSW Fair Trading.

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Parliamentary Inquiry and self-regulation

MEDIA RELEASE: Following a request for a Parliamentary Inquiry, REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin responds to Minister Kean's standard accusation that the property services industry is seeking self-regulation.

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