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REIA President's message to members

MEDIA RELEASE: REIA President, Adrian Kelly, addresses the appointment of a Minister for Housing.

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REINSW CEO says agents are struggling due to a lack of training, not trying

REINSW CEO responds to NSW Fair Trading's accusations of industry misconduct.

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Leading real estate heads support removal of property services from NSW Fair Trading

MEDIA RELEASE: Leading real estate CEOs support REINSW's push for Property Services Commissioner.

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Real Estate Institute launches Federal Election campaign

MEDIA RELEASE: The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) has launched a campaign to give its members and the property sector a voice.

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New government an opportunity for property reform

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW CEO urges re-elected Government to move property services out of NSW Fair Trading.

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Stamp duty breaks for empty nesters will open up the market, says REINSW

Many issues impacting the housing market could be addressed by creating incentives for empty nesters to downsize.

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Labor promises to remove property services from Fair Trading

MEDIA RELEASE: Labor announces it will move property services out of NSW Fair Trading if elected to Government.

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Is the Australian dream dying?

Recent research from HIA proves housing affordability is a serious concern for Australians.

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REINSW is calling for changes to property services industry

MEDIA RELEASE: Four days of training and an 80 per cent churn of new industry entrants is not good enough, says REINSW.

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Would you let a barista sell your home?

You can complete the entry level requirement to become a real estate agent in the same time it takes to complete a barista course.

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The Opal (land)mine: clarity needed on material fact

REINSW CEO says Opal highlights the need for clarity, consistency and certainty on material fact.

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REINSW President makes Sydney’s top 100 most powerful list – calls for industry change

MEDIA RELEASE: Leanne Pilkington has been named in the top 100 most powerful people in Sydney.

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Homebuyers stymied by stamp duty

Stamp duty is a barrier to entry, says REINSW CEO.

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An agent’s concerns about NSW Fair Trading

Why REINSW's election campaign is important: an agent's perspective.

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Stamp duty stymies the real estate market

REINSW launches petition to protect industry and homebuyers from unfair stamp duty tax.

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How property services compares to other industries under NSW Fair Trading?

NSW real estate is more valuable than the mining, retail and tourism industries combined.

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Why investors need to stand up for change in property

PODCAST: REINSW CEO explains how investors can initiate positive change in the industry.

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Consumers deserve better

The property services industry and its consumers deserve better representation.

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If stamp duty brackets were updated

REINSW calls on NSW Government to update stamp duty brackets.

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REINSW launches petition for Property Services Commissioner

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW calls on NSW Premier to move property services out from NSW Fair Trading.

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