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Consumers deserve better

The property services industry and its consumers deserve better representation.

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If stamp duty brackets were updated

REINSW calls on NSW Government to update stamp duty brackets.

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REINSW launches petition for Property Services Commissioner

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW calls on NSW Premier to move property services out from NSW Fair Trading.

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Parliamentary Inquiry and self-regulation

MEDIA RELEASE: Following a request for a Parliamentary Inquiry, REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin responds to Minister Kean's standard accusation that the property services industry is seeking self-regulation.

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The value of property services

Why does the Government department responsible for tattoo parlours and coffee shops govern NSW's most lucrative industry?

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REINSW calls for Parliamentary Inquiry into Fair Trading

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin says a Parliamentary Inquiry is needed to address NSW Fair Trading's poor decisions.

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Five reasons why NSW Fair Trading is the wrong place for property services

The property services industry and its consumers deserve better representation. Here's five reasons why.

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The stamp duty farce

Indexing outdated stamp duty brackets is political grandstanding, says REINSW CEO.

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How does the real estate industry impact NSW?

The real estate and property services industries have a major impact on the NSW economy and people. Find out why.

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What does an agent look like?

The true face of real estate is very different to the picture painted by Minister Kean.

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REINSW CEO sets the record straight

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin says the property services industry does not want self-regulation – it wants cooperation.

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REINSW resigns from Real Estate Reference Group

REINSW concerned further association with RERG will damage its reputation with members.

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