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Can social media kill your chances

Does your social media presence help or hinder your rental application?

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Impact of banking royal commission on borrowing

How will the banking royal commission affect Australia's ability to borrow?

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Victims of domestic violence empowered to break lease

New laws initiated by the statutory review of the Residential Tenancies Act protect victims of domestic violence.

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Why investors need to stand up for change in property

PODCAST: REINSW CEO explains how investors can initiate positive change in the industry.

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Maximising your rental income

How can you ensure your rental property offers maximum return-on-investment?

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House price drop largest in seven years, says REIA

MEDIA RELEASE: New REIA report shows median house prices are falling in most states and territories across Australia.

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Housing and rental affordability improves across Australia

MEDIA RELEASE: Housing and rental affordability improves across Australia and income required to meet a loan decreases, says REIA

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Consumers deserve better

The property services industry and its consumers deserve better representation.

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If stamp duty brackets were updated

REINSW calls on NSW Government to update stamp duty brackets.

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What is a material fact?

Sales agents are bound by law to disclose ‘material facts’ when selling a property. But what are they and what has to be disclosed?

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Maximise your borrowing capacity

You can increase your borrowing capacity with a few simple lifestyle changes.

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Parliamentary Inquiry and self-regulation

MEDIA RELEASE: Following a request for a Parliamentary Inquiry, REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin responds to Minister Kean's standard accusation that the property services industry is seeking self-regulation.

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The value of property services

Why does the Government department responsible for tattoo parlours and coffee shops govern NSW's most lucrative industry?

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REINSW calls for Parliamentary Inquiry into Fair Trading

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin says a Parliamentary Inquiry is needed to address NSW Fair Trading's poor decisions.

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The stamp duty farce

Indexing outdated stamp duty brackets is political grandstanding, says REINSW CEO.

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Rental availability in Sydney rises 0.1%

MEDIA RELEASE: Sydney vacancy rates have increased according to October Vacancy Rate Survey.

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Buyers' agents recognised by NSW Fair Trading

NSW Fair Trading has released a fact sheet for consumers on engaging a buyers' agent.

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Stamp duty reforms are an insult, says REINSW

MEDIA RELEASE: REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin says stamp duty reform is disingenuous political grandstanding.

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What does an agent look like?

The true face of real estate is very different to the picture painted by Minister Kean.

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Big step towards e-sign for witnesses

A new Bill currently in Parliament has the power to enable electronic signing of the residential tenancy agreement.

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