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The other costs to consider when buying a home

Saving for a home deposit takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, that’s not the only upfront cost you’ll encounter when buying a property.

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Do I need a plan for home opens?

There are certain things you can do before and during a home open to ensure you’re prepared

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Buying with a partner? What you need to know

It’s an exciting thing to buy a property with your partner, and often signals a new stage in your life together

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Buying and renovating won’t bring you closer together as a couple

On television these days, you will regularly see shows about a couple renovating a home.

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Land tax explained

REINSW CEO, Tim McKibbin, explains land tax and what it means for your investment properties.

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Tips to buying before auction

What should you consider when making a pre-auction offer?

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The benefits of using a buyers' agent

How can a buyers' agent help you in your property search?

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First home buyer initiative

What will be the banks' responses to the Government's proposed first home buyers scheme?

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Consumer protection needed

How will the Government's new home loan scheme impact the market?

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More costs for landlords and tenants

The inability of NCAT to hear some cases is increasing costs for landlords and tenants.

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