REINSW launches REI FastTrack Contract

24 December 2021

“We live in a world of immediacy, the contemporary consumer classifies any delay as poor service, particularly tech savvy consumers. We are evolving into a society of specialists; we do what we do and outsource all of our requirements. Accordingly, consumers just expect other matters on the periphery of the transaction to be taken care of accurately and quickly.

Despite the ever-increasing encroachment of technology into the traditional services property agents provide to their clients, I continue to believe that technology will not replace agents, however, agents that don’t embrace technology will find themselves replaced. Property technology (or PropTech) can be classified into two broad categories “tech that seeks to replace agents” and “tech that efficiently enhances and expands the services of the agent”. It is the latter that we must now embrace - agents need to bring more value and efficiencies to the transaction.

Once the agent has the listing, the vendor wants their property sold for the best price “NOW”. The contemporary consumer simply could not compute waiting a week for a solicitor to prepare a contract. And now REINSW has created a solution…

That solution is REI FastTrack Contract. Scan the QR Code (we all know how to do that!) on the Agency Agreement and send all the details to the vendor’s solicitor before leaving the vendors home. Efficient and immediate.

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