7 time-saving features of REI Forms Live

3 September 2021

REI Forms Live is a real saviour. It helps you to save time by electronically generating the mountains of paperwork that keeps your day-to-day business activities on track. But you may not be aware of some of the other ways REI Forms Live can help.

1. Pre-filling forms

Save countless hours by creating templates that pre-fill with your office information. You can also push data about your clients from your CRM directly into forms. This means when you create a form for a particular client, at least half of the information you need is automatically loaded.

2. Adding annexures

Some forms have optional annexures that can easily be added or removed, so be sure to check which annexures are available within the forms you create.

3. Transferring information

Tired of endlessly filling out the same information across forms? The Related Form feature allows you to automatically transfer information from one form to another, such as populating common information from a Tenancy Agreement into a Notice of Rent Increase.

4. Accessing commercial reports

If you’re involved with commercial sales or leasing arrangements, you can conduct risk assessments by generating reports about the businesses you are dealing with through REI Forms Live via Equifax. You can access financial information and trading history about sole traders, small businesses and large companies.

5. Connecting to third parties

Streamline your office functions by using REI Forms Live to connect to third party providers such as DocuSign, Direct Connect and various CRM’s.

6. Adding logos

You can upload your logo to REI Forms Live and this will be imprinted on the top right-had corner of each form. Your logo is also displayed to clients when you use the Share/Email function.

7. Adding snippets

Most agencies have their own regular phrases, sentences or small paragraphs they add as a matter of course to their forms. You can create a file of these snippets and add them into your forms as necessary.

To find out more about REI Forms Live and to sign up, go to reinsw.com.au

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