Full of fire

3 May 2021

Born and bred in a rural township where community spirit was alive and well, Ricky Briggs is naturally driven to help others. Here the finalist in the John Grieg OAM Community Service category at the 2020 REINSW Awards for Excellence talks about his personal motivation.

Ricky Briggs has packed a lot into his 15 years in the real estate industry. From sales, property management and auctioneering to agency owner and being an industry leader, he’s built an enviable bank of experience. And it’s his commitment to helping others that’s seen him succeed, not only in the real estate industry, but when serving his local community.

 “I’m full of energy,” the Director of Advantage Property Group said. “And not using this energy to help others would be a disservice. That’s why I dedicate countless hours to working with different organisations – to help make our community a better place, keep people safe and comfort those who are less fortunate.”

Here are just a few things that Ricky devotes his time to.

NSW Rural Fire Service

As a member of the NSW Rural Fire Service, Ricky holds positions in the Central Coast and Lower Hunter Valley districts, including frontline firefighting, logistics, communications and incident management.

“Last year’s bushfire season was devastating for so many communities,” he said. “At one point, I worked for 30 days straight, calling real estate auctions by day and working nights in the trucks.

“Volunteers deliver significant value in terms of manpower to the NSWRFS, and we play a huge role in easing the strain for local firefighters who are battling to keep up with the intensity of working to save lives, livelihoods and homes.”

As well as working on the frontline, Ricky also raises money for the NSWRFS.

“Ahead of last year’s bushfire season, I implemented a monthly fundraising plan for donation boxes in high-traffic areas,” he said. “The money raised was used to buy additional equipment and PPE, so firefighters were better prepared to deal with fires and save more lives.”

“A warm smile and a ‘thank you’ is what really makes my heart sing. I feel an immense amount of satisfaction and gratitude from those two words.”

Fundraising for Fuel

Ricky has also been involved in helping rural communities hit hard by drought, followed by bushfires.

“In 2020, I helped raise money for the Jason Kemp Advanced Driver Training Fundraising for Fuel campaign,” he said. “The campaign saw three Burrombuttock Hay Runner trucks being sent to drought-affected farmers.

“I also drove to the New South Wales/Victorian border in a B-double road train to pick up hay and deliver it to the Armidale region. As a result of the hay runs, there was a massive uplift in community spirit. In fact, some farmers were in tears when the trucks rolled into town. They had a renewed sense of confidence that people, far and wide, cared.”

Charity auctions

As an auctioneer, Ricky is often asked to wield his gavel at charity auctions.

“I’m passionate about auctioneering and being able to focus this passion on helping others is a huge honour,” he said. “The work these charities do to help people who are dealing with some of life’s hardest punches is impressive and the impact they have is immeasurable.

“I’m proud to play a small part in the work they do.”

“Thank you” is enough

Ricky’s motivation is simple.

“If I can make someone else’s day a bit better, I’m happy,” Ricky said. “A warm smile and a ‘thank you’ is what really makes my heart sing. It’s not about public praise, payment or anything else other than the fact that I feel an immense amount of satisfaction and gratitude from those two words.

“Knowing that I’ve brightened someone’s day, assisted a person in need and genuinely made a difference – that’s my motivation.”

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