WIRE 2021 – the Wrap Up!

12 March 2021

It was great to be back this week with REINSW’s first live event for 2021 - the 14th Women in Real Estate Conference (WIRE) which took place at Doltone House to coincide with International Women’s Day celebrations.

The event, hosted by REINSW President Leanne Pilkington, was a sell-out with more than 300 attendees from real estate and associated industries enjoying a day of inspiring presentations from some amazing speakers.

Ms Pilkington remarked that there was an air of great excitement in the room – it being the first big event for a long time for many people due to COVID pandemic restrictions.

This year’s event was about promoting resilience and members of the predominantly female audience were asked by Ms Pilkington ‘What are you going to do to make yourself proud’ and encouraged to: reflect on their lives, redefine their journeys and relaunch themselves with double the force. "Think about what you need to be saying yes to,” said Ms Pilkington. “Think how you can challenge yourself, what you can do and not what you can’t do. Just say yes, you never know where you will end up.”

I actually sat here all day thinking how privileged am I to be in this room of amazing women with extraordinary speakers. It’s probably one of the best events I’ve been to, I would say, in at least 10 years. The energy, the way in which all the speakers were curated and the theming throughout - I felt so humbled to be part of that and I’m really proud to be an advocate of this industry. Hats off to REINSW, all of you have done an extraordinary job putting this event together."  - Katrina Tarrant, First National Corporate

Suzanne Hopman began the day with her powerful presentation on what inspired her to start up the charity Dignity, a housing solution with a difference which empowers people to prevent, respond to and end homelessness.

Jillian McGrath, who began working in real estate later in life at the age of 52, asked the audience to consider a self-audit on ‘what is and isn’t working in your business or personal life’ and encouraged them to work out the things they would like to do in life and to consider what it’s costing them if they don’t.

Best WIRE ever. I’ve been coming to the events since 2013 and this is by far the best. Amazing line-up of speakers and every single one I got something out of, so, thank you.” - Amanda Gould, HighSpec Properties Buyers’ Agents

One great speaker after another spoke on the topic of resilience and what it meant to each to each of them as well as the inclusion of popular presentations on how to improve a company’s digital branding and influence.

The event was rounded out by fantastic keynote speakers including Saudi women’s activist Manal al-Sharif who encouraged the audience to ‘learn to build their own ladders’ and 2021 Australian of the Year Grace Tame who’s powerful and moving speech at the end of the day detailed how traumatic events from her childhood and teenage years led to her becoming a successful advocate.

Ms Pilkington remarked on the success of this year’s WIRE and the inspiration that the audience took away with them.

“WIRE this year was absolutely phenomenal. I think it is THE best WIRE that we’ve ever had and it’s actually one of the best conferences I’ve been to,” said Ms Pilkington. “The stories, the inspiration, the incredible women (and men) that spoke. It just blew me away. I was so thrilled with the whole day.”

The depth of the speakers, it’s really real. I think the messages are just about showing up as you and you are your biggest asset. Just go out and do it because people need you to. It’s really about unpacking your suitcase and making sure you want to be carrying what you are carrying. People who’ve been to other WIRE conferences are saying that this event has got a whole other depth to it and they really appreciate that. You’re living real estate every day and you can have access to that every day but you don’t get access to these stories, these bits of advice."  - Nicole Davidson, Growth to Success

Dignity is REINSW’s charity partner for 2021. Find out more about Dignity and how you can make a donation today 

If you have any questions for the REINSW events team about WIRE please email [email protected].

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