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5 - A word from the President

6 - In brief


12 - Making a positive difference

16 - Leap of faith

18 - Full of fire


21 - Overcoming 'giver syndrome'


22 - Better questions, better answers

24 - High alert

26 - Leadership in action

30 - The untapped potential of LinkedIn

32 - Cultivating your community

34 - The facts about women and super

37 - What's the difference?


38 - Training update


41 - New Members

42 - In the Media

The Real Estate Journal is the official magazine of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. Exclusive to REINSW members, the Journal features industry news, updates, analysis and much more.

March/April 2021

In this edition:

  • Making a positive difference
    Maria Eveleigh is driven by her passion for property management and dedication to nurturing relationships.
  • Full of Fire
    Advantage Property Group’s Ricky Briggs talks about what drives him to serve his local community.
  • Better questions, better answers
    Asking the right questions to uncover your client’s motivation can make all the difference.
  • Leadership in action
    Some of our industry’s most inspirational women share their views about stepping up and how they’ve embraced their role as leaders.

And much more!

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