May/June 2016 edition


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May/June 2016

Inside this month:
  • Selling a 6-star service
    Matthew Bourne explains his business ethos
  • Embracing the ecosystem
    The interconnected world of real estate
  • Tomorrow's world today
    Augmented reality comes of age
  • Pros and cons of offshoring
    Discovering what works

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Tomorrow’s world today

Once viewed as a futuristic concept, augmented reality is finally coming of age.

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What is professionalism?

These days the word “professionalism” is thrown around with such regularity that it can tend to lose its meaning. So what does it actually mean and how can we achieve it?

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Choosing your career path

Moving into a new industry or new role is an exciting, yet sometimes daunting, decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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Leading from the centre

Sarah Bester, General Manager of Ray White Double Bay gives us a glimpse of her typical day.

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Selling a 6-star service

How does Matthew Bourn incorporate customer experience and service into his successful business.

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On the same page

More and more, agencies are employing specialist BDMs to boost their property management business. So how can you ensure that BDMs and property managers are working together effectively?

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Embracing the ecosystem

In a world where technology has dramatically changed the way we live, communicate and work it’s impossible to ignore the way individuals, businesses and entire industries are inextricably connected. So is it time for the real estate industry to rethi

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Real Estate Journal out now

Download a PDF copy of the May/June Real Estate Journal which is out now.

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Building on experience

Starting his commercial career more than a decade ago, LJ Hooker Commercial’s William Tong is committed to building strong relationships and always getting the best deal for his clients.

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Security against scams

Find out how to protect clients from scammers stealing their identity and selling their property.

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Protect your landlord and yourself

Taking out landlords insurance is one of the most important decisions a landlord can make. However not every landlord does, putting themselves and the property manager at risk.

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The pros and cons of offshoring

Offshoring is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth in the real estate environment.

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