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RealtyProtect | What to look out for when choosing landlord insurance

Recorded on 25 July 2019

Landlord insurance raises a lot of questions for property managers and can sometimes be confusing. RealtyProtect, REINSW’s new landlord insurance product, was designed by property managers for property managers and their landlords. It provides investment security and protects landlords in the event of unexpected loss. Find out how RealtyProtect can improve your service offering, supports the real estate industry and gives back to the community with REINSW Landlord Insurance Specialist, John Trani, and Marketing Manager, Darshan Parmar.

Topics covered include:
  • What makes RealtyProtect the latest landlord insurance advancement in the marketplace?
  • What does RealtyProtect cover?
  • What is RealtyProtect’s policy on sensitive issues, including domestic violence, drug labs and meth residue?
  • What to look out for when choosing landlord insurance
  • RealtyProtect’s superior service and technology
  • RealtyProtect’s commitment to supporting people experiencing homelessness
John Trani | Landlord Insurance Specialist, REINSW

John has over 15 years’ experience in the insurance industry and 10 years’ experience as a licensed real estate agent and property manager. He holds a Diploma in Financial Services (Insurance Broking) and has held national management positions in leading financial and insurance companies. As a former agent, John is perfectly positioned to understand and meet the requirements of the market. He was also the pioneer of REINSW’s RealtyProtect Landlord Insurance.

Darshan Parmar | Management team, REINSW

Darshan has over 10 years’ experience in marketing, communications and management. He has a passion for providing timely and relevant industry information and resources to members that enable them to exceed client expectations, meet regulatory requirements and progress their careers.