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Webinar l Professionalism Part 2

Professionalism is what our industry needs and our clients deserve. REINSW is at the forefront of the push to become a recognised profession – but we need your help.

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Webinar l Update from the REINSW Board

To prepare for the year ahead, REINSW President Leanne Pilkington, REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin and industry leader John Cunningham will review the year that was and discuss the goals and objectives for 2019.

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Webinar l Strata Plans - what you need to know

In this webinar, Shane Foley of BIV Reports and Christine Nesbit from Albury-Wodonga Real Estate will share their extensive knowledge as strata professionals to help you better understand strata plans.

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Webinar l Effective cause of sale - what it really means

Determining who is effective cause of sale is critical in property transactions.

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Webinar l Journey of the RTA

Join REINSW President Leanne Pilkington, REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin and Lyn Kimball, REINSW Board and Property Management Chapter Committee member, as they discuss the RTA journey so far and how you can prepare for the changes ahead.

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Webinar l Market appraisals and valuations – a buyers’ agent and valuer’s perspective

Effectively appraising and valuing property requires a detailed understanding of the property and the market. It forms an important element of a sales campaign and has the potential to make or break and listing or purchase.

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Webinar l Professionalism 1

REINSW is at the forefront of the push to become a recognised profession – but we need your help

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Webinar l Scripts and dialogues

Join Tiana Mueller and Colin Rodgers as they reveal the essentials for property managers who want to be more effective in their daily conversations.

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Webinar l Succeeding in a changing market

Join Peter Chauncy, Lynette Malcolm and Thomas McGlynn as they discuss what you need to do to remain competitive and relevant in a changing market.

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Webinar l Mastering the art of negotiation

Join Rich Harvey, CEO and Founder of propertybuyer, and Shelley Horton, Director of Albion Avenue Buyers Agents, as they discuss the principles of good negotiation and how to apply them in your day-to-day dealings with clients.

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Webinar l Make good and fit outs

Join Knight Frank’s Director of Client Solutions, Kymbal Dunne, as he interviews Andrea Brown, National Head of Knight Frank’s Project Management and Building Consultancy.

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Webinar l Building a happy and hardworking team

Craig Marshall of Savills, Thomas McGlynn from The Agency and Robert Ward of DiJONES are presenting a webinar on how to build a happy and hard-working team.

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Webinar l Building and Construction - Problems for buyers' agents

Buyers’ Agents Chapter Deputy Chairperson, Jacque Parker, and committee member, Michael Ossitt, address common construction and building problems buyers’ agents face and how to overcome them.

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Webinar l Legal update and changes in legislation

Keeping up-to-date with the changing legal landscape of the real estate industry can be difficult. Luckily Barry Johnston of Balmoral Partners and Gary Newton from HWL Ebsworth Lawyers have the industry expertise and insight to answer all your questi

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Webinar l Strata Committees

In this member webinar, REINSW Strata Committee members, Reena Van Aalst of Strata Central and Dean Eades of Southern Strata Management, discuss what the Act means for you and how to work with it in practice.

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Webinar l Working your local community to build profile

In this free member webinar Craig Marshall of Savills, Cathy Baker from Belle property, and Betty Ockerlander of McGrath Epping explore how you can build strong community connections that will increase your success.

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Webinar l The benefits of hiring a trainee

Find out all you need to know about employing a trainee and the benefits it can bring to your agency.

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Webinar l Mental Health and Property Management

Find out how to better manage tenancies involving people affected by mental illness as a property manager.

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Webinar l Awkward Auction Activities Part 2

Find out what to do when the unexpected happens at your auction.

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Webinar l The Art of professional, effective email communication

Find out some top tips on the art of communication.

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Webinar l Email consent for notices

Hear from Lisa Indge and Michelle Mclean on email consent and best practices.

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Webinar l Auction Processes and Legalities

This free member webinar is a must see for auctioneers and sales agents on how to run the auction process.

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Webinar l Myth Busting Training Reforms

Hear from REINSW's CEO Tim McKibbin, President Leanne Pilkington and Training and Events Manager Danielle Andrews who will discuss everything you need to know about these new changes and what it means to you.

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Webinar l Minimise your risk as a buyers' agent

Buyers' agents Nick Viner and Shelley Horton explain how buyers’ agents can better understand the risks and activities involved with buying real estate.

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Webinar l Auction floor conversations which equal success

Hear from experienced auctioneers Jesse Davidson and Clarence White on the importance of conversations with buyers, vendors and agents before and during the auction.

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Webinar l FAQ's in Property Management

Ever wondered what questions property managers are frequently asked? Hear from experienced property managers; Ann Banister, Robert Anderson and Michelle McLean.

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Webinars l Improving client relationships

Leading buyers’ agents: Shelley Horton and Jacque Parker will be showing how a buyers’ agent can improve their client relationships and keep them motivated to make that property purchase.

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Webinar | The Essentials of Managing a Commercial Lease

Industry veterans Bobby Suminoski and Shaun Kenney discuss the "essentials of a commercial lease".

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Webinar | How one agent helps domestic violence victims

Hear Alexandra Haggarty’s inspiring story of how she is helping domestic violence victims in the private rental market, how Agents can work with victims, and how to also achieve positive outcomes for the landlords.

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Webinar | The benefits of selling by auction

Damien Cooley, Director of Cooley Auctions, Jesse Davidson, owner of auctionWORKS, and Lynette Malcol, Sales Agent at Chadwick Real Estate, discuss the "the benefits of selling by auction".

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What is a webinar?

A webinar is a live interactive presentation conducted over the internet by an REINSW presenter. As a participant, you can see and hear the presenter, view PowerPoint slides, make comments and ask questions via a message box – all from the comfort of your desk!

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Each webinar generally runs for one (1) hour to ensure that the information delivered is clear and succinct. Additional time will be allocated if participants have further questions they would like addressed. Each webinar is run on a specific date and time, so registration is essential. Once your registration is complete, you will be emailed instructions on how to log onto the webinar. Once logged in, you will view the webinar in seconds.