Webinar on demand

Supervision Guidelines: the inside story

Recorded 29 April 2016

In this information-packed one hour webinar you will hear from a former NSW Fair Trading Senior Investigator. He will cover the critical things you need to know and do.

The proper supervision of staff in an agency by a licensed agent is not only smart business - it is a requirement of the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act, with hefty fines for non-compliance.

NSW Fair Trading states:

"Proper supervision is vital, particularly where large sums of money and trust accounts are involved. Proper supervision also helps promote ethical conduct in employees.

Poor supervision of employees can cause distress and financial loss for consumers. It leaves the door wide open for some employees to adopt unethical practices in their dealings with consumers, and can lead to negligence, misleading conduct and fraudulent use of trust money."

During the webinar you will get a good grounding in the following:
  • An overview on the history and background of the Supervision Guidelines
  • The five guidelines and related checklists
    • Banking Practices
    • Monthly Review of Trust Account
    • Selling Price Substantiation
    • Substantiation of Advertising and conflict of interest
    • Complaint handling procedure

This webinar is a must for owners, Licensees, office managers, agents and anyone involved in the smooth and compliant running of an agency.