Webinar on demand

Sales and marketing strategies for buyers' agents

Recorded on 14 May 2019

About the webinar:

Effective sales and marketing strategies are critical to building your personal brand, attracting and retaining clients and promoting your business – even more so in a changing market.

Take your brand to the next level with Michael Ossitt and Aga Russell as they discuss how to optimise your potential and maximise your return on investment.

Topics covered include:
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Branding and positioning 
  • Online and offline marketing strategies
  • Sales process, client psychology and effective communication
  • Systems, processes and automation 

Your sales and marketing strategy is your competitive edge over other agents and agencies. Register today to learn how to utilise all your resources for maximum results. 

Michael Ossitt

STRAND Property Group

Michael is a qualified architectural engineer, licensed real estate agent, independent buyers’ agent and property investment advisor with 20 years’ experience in the construction, design, development and investment industries. He is the founder of STRAND Property Group and a member of REINSW’s Buyers’ Agents Chapter Committee.

Aga Russell

Basic Bananas

Aga is the marketing director at Basic Bananas (basicbananas.com), global marketing education organization for business owners. She is behind some of the most brilliant campaigns that have lead Basic Bananas to be the leader in this space.

Aga specialises in business automation and loves creating marketing funnels and business processes that save time and money. She loves helping business owners build long lasting relationships with their customers and increase revenue by implementing effective marketing strategies. Aga is also a great teacher in the ever-changing world of digital advertising and her practical tips have helped thousands of business owners optimise their return on investment.