Webinar on demand

NCAT and non-payment of rent

Recorded 29 June 2016

One of the most important aspects of property management is to ensure that the tenants pay the rent! Unfortunately this can sometimes become a problem and occasionally can end up with you taking the tenants to an NCAT tribunal hearing.

It is critical that you are properly prepared for the tribunal. Too often these hearings are adjourned or dismissed due to poor preparation by the Property Manager. 

This webinar has been designed to give you a checklist and explanation of how to be 100% prepared. It will cover:

  • at what point to apply to NCAT for a hearing on the non-payment of rent
  • a step by step guide on how to complete the application
  • what are the various options you could apply for, and under what circumstances you would use these: (eg Specific Performance Order, order for payment of rent, order for possession)
  • how to present the case on the day- what to take, what calculations you need to have made
  • what to expect at the Tribunal on the day (eg if the tenant is not present, if the tenant is present and is disputing the order for possession, etc
  • what happens if the tenant pays prior to hearing – what impact does that have on the hearing
  • what happens post hearing if the tenant still doesn’t pay/doesn’t vacate the property.