Webinar on demand

How auctions grow profile and build business

Recorded on 26 September 2019

What matters most to sales agents? Is the ultimate goal to increase your profile and build your business through quality service? Savvy agents use the power of auction to achieve this.

Hear from two leading sales agents Lynette Malcolm and William Phillips and a consummate auctioneer Jesse Davidson on how to maximise the auction process to stamp success on your profile and business.

Jesse will ask questions including:

  • How do you use auctions to build profile? 
  • When you first started using the auction process, what were the things that scared you about it and how did you overcome these fears?
  • Can you give an example of how a successful auction has assisted your business growth? 
  • As a consummate auction agent, how do you ensure your clients are engaged with the auction process?
  • How do you use the success of auction day to build your profile and further business? 

Lynette Malcolm | Chadwick
As a second-generation real estate agent, Lynette has built an outstanding level of local and industry knowledge since joining Chadwick over 10 years ago. Her success in the luxury market has seen her set records for the highest ever residential sale on the Upper North Shore. She is an active member of the Residential Sales Chapter Committee at REINSW.

William Phillips | BresicWhitney
Willliam joined BresicWhitney in 2005 and worked his way up to becoming a director of the company in 2015. He has been the #1 Selling Agent Under 30 in Australia as well as a Top 20 performer in all age groups. The combination of William’s experience and success has produced opportunities to mentor and develop younger agents. Training and sharing experience is an important part of the job. He is also a fixture of the Sydney real estate community and has spoken at multiple events.

Jesse Davidson | AuctionWORKS
Jesse is an accredited auctioneer and owner of AuctionWORKS. He won the REINSW 2010 Novice Auctioneering Championships and the REINSW Award for Excellence in Auctioneering in 2015. He has been Chair of the REINSW Auctioneers’ Chapter Committee since 2015.