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Collaboration, the benefits for buyers' agents and property managers

Recorded on 29 October 2019

From peanut butter and jam to chocolate and popcorn, sometimes what may seem like an unlikely match-up, turns out to be the best partnership. 

Buyers’ agents and property managers may be involved in different areas of real estate, but together they can achieve better outcomes for both themselves and their clients. 

From expanding property portfolios to independent rental valuations and streamlining of the entire property purchase, the benefits of working hand in hand are endless.

Join our industry experts Lisa Indge and Michael Ossitt as they explain why and how you should be collaborating today.

Topics covered include:
  • How and why collaboration is mutually beneficial
  • Benefits of a partnership, before, during and after purchase
  • How collaboration can diffuse issues such as exchange of contract, property repairs and maintenance, settlement and tenancy
  • Growing client base through repeat business and referrals

Lisa Indge – Managing Director Lets Rent
Lisa is the founder of Let’s Rent. She is an active member of the REINSW Property Management Chapter Committee, through which she contributes to industry-wide change – a cause she is both passionate about and expert in.

Michael Ossitt – STRAND Property Group
Michael is a qualified architectural engineer, licensed real estate agent, independent buyers’ agent and property investment advisor with 20 years’ experience in the construction, design, development and investment industries. He is the founder of STRAND Property Group and a member of REINSW’s Buyers’ Agents Chapter Committee.