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Behaviours and patterns of private wealth in global markets, including Australia

Recorded on 1 August 2019

Australian adults are, on average, the second most wealthy people in the world, and owning property is a foundation stone of our national identity. However, changes are coming.

Global property trends pioneered by the super-rich are now, more than ever, being imitated locally – the only difference is the level of available capital to achieve them. 

Understanding global trends and how they impact your local market will establish you as an apex agent and enable you to provide sound advice to your clients.

Topics covered include:

  • How and why capital flows around the globe
  • Which countries are preferred and why?
  • What US$1m buys you in the top global cities
  • What Australians are like at investing overseas
  • Who is buying in Australia?

Kymbal Dunne | Partner, Private Office Australia at Knight Frank Australia

Kymbal Dunne is the Partner, Private Office Australia at Knight Frank Australia and was formerly the Managing Director of Knight Frank’s North Sydney operation. Kymbal has extensive experience in negotiating large transactions, project and pre-commitment leasing, and as a marketing strategist for major projects.

Michelle Ciesielski | Director and Head of Residential Research at Knight Frank Australia

Michelle leads the Knight Frank residential research team across Australia. She delivers commentary on established and emerging markets, encouraging intelligent investment decisions from early planning in developments to balanced insights for property investors. Michelle has over 20 years’ experience in the property industry, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Property Economics and a Masters in Property Development. She is also a Certified Practising Valuer and an Associate of the Australian Property Institute.