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Agency health performance – take your business pulse!

Recorded on 7 November 2019

Running a profitable business is never an easy feat – and it’s possible to lose sight of the bigger picture when you’re engaged in day to day operations.

Having the skills to step back and asses the performance of your business from all angles is a necessity for any principal or manager and will ultimately decide how successful your agency will be.

We sourced two leading experts to devise a go to guide on how to monitor and review the health of your business, including the simple changes you can implement today – to help with long term growth in the future.

Topics covered include:
  • Crucial assessment and review tools 
  • The benefits of understanding your business portfolio
  • Identifying your successes and failures
  • The importance of up to date ‘KPI’s’
  • An insight into high quality reports and working minutes
  • Business benchmarks – how to use them to your advantage

Pancho Mehrotra
Pancho has over 30 years of corporate sales success. Founder of sales training provider, Frontier Performance, Pancho’s key strength is his ability to draw on the theories of psychology and translate them into practical and implementable strategies. 
Pancho has authored a host of training, mentoring and development programmes as well as speaking professionally on the psychology in sales and optimum professional performance, both in Australia and internationally.

Barry Cawthorn
Barry boasts more than 20 years’ experience. Commencing his working life as a surveyor, he has gained significant knowledge in the sale and leasing of commercial and industrial property with Hooker Corporate as Manager of their Parramatta office. 
His experience also incorporates identifying pre-lease opportunities and assisting clients in locating properties or tenants to purchase or lease, in addition to managing a successful corporate office.