Third party benefits

BIV Reports


BIV Reports Pty Limited is an asbestos specialist and a Commercial Partner of the REINSW.

We are passionate about asbestos reporting and working with owners, property managers and strata managers to ensure they meet their obligations under Work Health and Safety legislation and the Civil Liability Act when it comes to identifying likely Asbestos Containing Material in all properties.

Every day activities such as contractors using a whipper-snipper against an asbestos garage or a tenant drilling into a fire door to install an eye hole or an electrician cutting into an eave to install wiring all have the potential for litigation if appropriate measures are not taken to ensure all Asbestos Containing Material as been identified and documented at a property. 


Our Asbestos Reports can help you in many ways, including:

  • Compliance with Work Health and Safety legislation
  • Protection against civil liability claims
  • Easy to Read Reports
  • Every property is physically inspected
  • Competitive fees – starting from $330 (incl gst)
  • A complying Asbestos Register and Asbestos Management Plan in every report
  • We can have samples tested in our NATA approved laboratory
  • Assistance to limit your contractor engagement risk
  • Independent reports – we are not affiliated with any asbestos removalist
  • $5M professional indemnity
  • 24 hour turnaround when required
  • All properties in NSW and throughout Australia

BIV Reports Pty Limited offer practical and affordable safety and asbestos compliance. 

For further information about your Asbestos responsibilities please visit or speak with Shane Foley on 0412 039 189 or 1300 107 280.